Our main clients

Main works:

  • ETR 500 – activity of electrical and mechanical adjustment of the engine for BOMBARDIER and FIREMA, with the implementation of all the reference s necessary to the installation for ERTMS Systems and also to installation of the 2ns and 3rd tranche of the remote control.
  • ETR 485 – engine’s wiring requalification activity and implementation of the new ER TMS-SCMT-DIS-STB systems, with operational test and final delivery to TRENITALIA.
  • ETR 450 – DIS-SCMT system’s fulfillment activity at the depot in Ancona
  • ETR 610 – Activity of ERTMS systems installation on engines, with testing assistance and further security detail for the certification from the client TRENITALIA-FERROVIE DELLO STATO
  • AGV – Activity of ERTMS and DIS systems installation carried out in the ALSTOM plant, in LA ROCHELLE (FRANCE), on PEGASE
  • FERROVIE LOCARNO-DOMODOSSOLA – Activities of mechanical configuration, cables laying, connection, wiring, assistance and test for O.F.V. in being part of CORIFER Group
  • Fulfillment of an accurate test on wagons with WEE System on TSR railway at “FIREMA in A.S.” IN Caserta
  • Fulfillment of an accurate test system on wagons with WEE System on MNG rolling stock at “FIREMA in A.S.” in Caserta
  • Precautionary maintenance and corrective activity on the signaling system SCMT of ALSTOM, in the whole country
  • Precautionary and corrective activity on the signaling system ERTMS of ALSTOM, installed on ETR 500 stored in Milan and Naples
  • SCC signaling system installation activity on whole MINUETTO fleet (diesel fuel carriages) of TRENITALIA
  • Mechanical and electrical installation activity of the new NSM1 signaling system by ALSTOM on MENEGHINO carriages in the “FIREMA in A.S.” plant in Caserta, ad in the ANSALDO-BREDA plant in Reggio Calabria with M.I.S. at the depot of Milano Precotto
  • Implementation activity of electrical retrofit of the new NSM1new signaling system by ALSTOM (Bologna), on the whole LINEA1 fleet (Tradizionali, Revamping and Meneghino)
  • Activity of implementation of the system STB/DIS/GSM-R on the following carriages type of TRENITALIA: MINUETTO, MDVC,MDVE,Z1)
  • ERTM system installation activity on ITALO Train of FERROVIE N.T.V. at ALSTOM plants in Savigliano and La Rochelle (France)
  • Fulfillment of pre-cabled transformer rooms for Firema, Cappellini, Breda
  • Pre-wired sub-sets fulfillment ready for laying in behalf of FIREMA, on order by TAF, ETR 500, TSR, MENEGHINO
  • Cables cut and laying ad booth system wiring of TSR at FIREMA plant in Caserta (from 2007 until today)
  • Cables A, MT,BT cut supply to FIREMA Trasporti, ANSALDO Trasporti
  • Electrical sub-sets for TAF, ETR 500, TSR Carriages

Our main clients in assistance and placed into service branch:

  • M.I.S. (at FIREMA CASERTA) and TAF carriage assistance (since 1998) at ROME Shunting plant
  • M.I.S. (at FIREMA CASERTA) and assistance on Pendolino ETR 485 (since 2005) at OMAV depot in Rome
  • Precautionary and corrective maintenance on the whole rolling stock in O.M.C. of Naples
  • M.I.S. and assistance on METRONAPOLI (from 1999 to 2005) at depot of PISCINOLA
  • Precautionary and corrective maintenance over all the carriages of ETR 500 trains for the TREVI Union (from 2000 to 2004)
  • Precautionary and corrective maintenance on ETR 470-500 trains at MILANO MARTESANA
  • Electrical renovation, test and assistance on TRAM ROMA (from 2000 TO 2005) FOR SIECAB (EX SOCIMI-BOMBARDIER order)
  • Electrical renovation, test and assistance on ALN 668 auto-motives at LEON D’ORO workshop for BOMBARDIER (from 2003 to 2005)
  • Retrofìt hardware e software degli impianti SCMT sulla seguente tipologia di rotabili (E652-E633-E464-MD-Z l-ALE80 l-LE940-ALE582-LE562);
  • Test and M.I.S. on the new trains of Milan’s underground (Meneghino) at FIREMA plant of CASERTA
  • Test and I.M.S. on the new Milan’s subway trains (Meneghino) at PRECOTTO GALLATERESE depots for FIREMA
  • Assistsnce and M.I.S. on the new trains of Milan’s underground (Meneghino) at depots of MILANO PRECOTTO and GALLARATESE on behalf of FIREMA